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HUN4446test 1 review 4 - process Recognize the significance...

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Describe the symptoms/clinical manifestations associated with Crohn’s disease. Describe the tests and procedures used to diagnose Crohn’s disease. What are the potential complications of Crohn’s disease? How does Crohn’s disease affect nutritional status/requirements? What factors contribute to the risk for altered nutritional status in someone with Crohn’s disease? Identify types of medications used to treat Crohn’s disease and the type of effect they have on the disease
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Unformatted text preview: process. Recognize the significance of the location of intestinal resection with regard to the specific impact on digestion, absorption and nutrition needs. Describe the nutritional management/adjustments that would be appropriate for individuals with Crohn’s disease without or with complications (i.e., fistula, partial or total obstruction, surgical resections, colostomy, etc.)....
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