Midterm Paper assignment 091012

Midterm Paper assignment 091012 - MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT Soc...

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MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT Soc 302 American Society Due: Tuesday, October 26 CHOOSE ONE ESSAY Your Essay should be 1000 words long. Do NOT go more than 100 words over this limit. Question #1: In discussing Generation Kill, we discussed contradictions that arise in military organizations. Here are a few: the friction between officers and enlisted personnel; contradictory goals of the organization that people must choose among; contradictory interests among different groups that them military was trying to serve; and contradictions between individuals’ personal interest and the needs of the organization. Write an essay in which you show the importance of these contradictions in explaining at least three of the problems that the marines in Generation Kill encountered. Discuss ways that the marines might handle these types of problems in the future so that they are not as difficult to manage. Question #2: One of the many important issues raised during the discussion of Generation Kill was the concern that many of the marines felt about injuring Iraqi civilians. Sometimes they were very worried about this issue, other times
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Midterm Paper assignment 091012 - MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT Soc...

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