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713 Quiz 2: April 23rd, 2004 Name:_______________________________ Circle the answer that is most correct. Questions (i)-(iii) refer to a communications system operating at 15 GHz using vertical polariza- tion. The transmitter transmits 10 W of power through an antenna with 10 dB gain. The receiver has an antenna with 20 dB gain, a noise figure F=3, and a receiver bandwidth of 1 MHz. Assume that the system is polarization and impedance matched, that the transmit and receive antennas are oriented to provide maximum power received, and that atmospheric gas attenuation is negligible. Also assume that direct propagation is the dominant propagation mechanism. (i) If the receiver is 10 km away from the transmitter, what is the received power in decibels relative to one watt ( ) under non-raining conditions? (a) -36 (b) -66 (c) -96 (d) -106 (e) -126 (ii) Consider a case where the received power . If the antenna temperature at the receiver due to external noise is 290K, what is the signal to noise ratio at the receiver
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