WI09 final exam studyguide

WI09 final exam studyguide - Study guide for Final Exam...

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Study guide for Final Exam [ PSYCHOLOGY 100] The topics listed bellows are suggested areas of study. This is NOT a comprehensive list of what will be on the exam. The exam will cover materials from the lecture and the textbook. I. Emotion and Motivation (pgs 445-450, 453-462, 469-481) o Discrete emotions theory o Primary vs. secondary emotions o Motivational-structural rules o Unconscious influences o Mere exposure effects o Facial feedback hypothesis o Nonverbal expression o Nonverbal leakage o Gestures o Proxemics o Lie detection o Polygraph o pinnochio response o guilty knowledge test o integrity tests o Drive reduction theory o Homeostasis o Yerkes-Dodson Law o Incentive theories o intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation o Hierarchy of needs o Glucostatic theory o Obesity o Leptin o set point o internal-external theory o Eating disorders, bulimia, anorexia o Human sexual response cycle II. Social Psychology (pgs 533 – 553, 558 - 571) o Social psychology o Need-to-belong theory o Social facilitation, social disruption o Attributions, fundamental attribution error and dispositional influences o Social comparison theory, mass hysteria, collective delusions o Conformity, Asch’s study of conformity o Parametric studies - unanimity, difference in the wrong answer, size o Findings of imaging studies on conformity, association with the amygdala, occipital and parietal lobes o Deindividuation, Stanford prison study o Groupthink
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o Group polarization o Cults, brainwashing, the inoculation effect o Obedience, Milgram’s obedience experiment, describe, results predicted vs. actual subject behavior o Prosocial behavior o Bystander effect, why does BE occur? Be able to explain pluralistic ignorance and diffusion of responsibility o Attitudes vs. beliefs o Self-monitoring o Recognition heuristic o Implicit egotism, name-letter effect o Cognitive Dissonance o Self perception theory and impression management theory
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WI09 final exam studyguide - Study guide for Final Exam...

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