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Todd Crisis press release

Todd Crisis press release - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 31, 2008 Contact: Todd Stone (434) 807-0358 In the Face of Adversity, Friendship holds firm Yancey releases a statement regarding Billy Jefferson Charlottesville, Va.- Congressional Candidate Phillip Yancey of the 5 th district of Virginia has released a statement involving his close friend Billy Jefferson and his future involvement with the campaign. As of one week ago, Billy Jefferson was arrested for a DUI. At this time, a court date has not been set. Phillip Yancey, “Billy Jefferson has been a friend since college. To dismiss that friendship as a political liability would not be right. He has stood be through harsh times and I to plan to do the same for him. While we cannot dismiss the charges brought against him, he will be taking some time away from the stressful campaign life. However, I will still be using him as a source of needed advice, so his hand in this campaign has not been completely removed. After talking with him, we feel this is the best plan of action,
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