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Todd Stone Crisis Plan

Todd Stone Crisis Plan - somewhere in the middle almost as...

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Todd Stone Com 295 Crisis Communications Plan Immediate Plan of Action (Week one) Issue a statement of our perspective on the issue: 1. Lend support to your long time friend, at arm’s length 2. Make your views on drunk driving clear. 3. No further action at this point should be taken regarding the Billy’s employment. No language should be used in regards to Billy’s involvement in the campaign Gain all information possible within the first 24 hours, accumulating as it comes. 1. Retrieve a copy of the police report. 2. Determine the cost of bail. 3. When is the court date? For reference of future statements (Week 2) Once information has been released, issue a press release 1. This should involve the employment of Billy. 2. What Billy is doing to get help with the issue? 3. Reiterate your friendship and how you are standing by him through this rough patch. (One Month) This is the final step in putting the Billy Jefferson issue to rest. 1. Release a statement on how you think the campaign is heading. Mention billy
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Unformatted text preview: somewhere in the middle, almost as iff it were an afterthought, reiterating that he has been cooperative through the process and is a responsible adult 2. Enforce how he has played a vital role in your campaign as being a friend who has brought support. 3. Remember the overall piece should be about the condition of the campaign. • After this, the Billy Jefferson case should be put to rest. Goals • The point is not to play down the DUI but to take it head on. Distance Billy from the campaign but not from yourself. He needs to be viewed as a valuable friend, but one whom you are mentoring, not seeking advice from. While you stand by him through this time, your job is still to get elected. General Points • Use this to make a stand on drunk driving, turn this into a value you’re on the right side of. • Reinforce your value of friendship. • Redirect the focus to your campaign and what you plan to do in Washington....
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