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Make my own anilemma Understand concepts of atmospheric pressure What it has to do with winds Understand relationship with pressure and precipitation Understand and reproduce the global circulation model Know precipitation mechanisms (convection, cyclonic, etc.) Need to be able to take precipitation mechanisms to where they are on the earth Equatorial region Low pressure High precipitation because of convection associated with ITC There is no frontal activity in the tropics N. Africa and S africa are dessert regions
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Unformatted text preview: Because its too high and low to get influence from ITC So there is dominance of sub tropical high pressure Mid Latitudes- Region with cold polar air masses coming in contact with warm tropical masses This is where cyclonic storms happen A lot of frontal activity here Polar regions, Cold, not much precipitation Rainshadow effect Dry weather on the wee side of the mountatin. Coastal continents have low annual temp change because of maritime influence...
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