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schedule of classes for 09-10

schedule of classes for 09-10 - total hours needed 28...

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Unformatted text preview: total hours needed: 28 classes in the fall 12 hours comm studies Comm 348 Comm 295 Comm 340 4 hours gen ed. Geo 101 6 hours 300 or 400 PHL 380 Total hours in fall: 16 hours left in the spring: classes to take hours left 0: OPTION B Classes in the fall Comm295 Comm340 Total hours in fall:16 Hours left: 9 Classes to take hours left: 0 Geo101 Phl380 12 Comm??? PHL/CS Comm Comm TCF 340 Communications elective something to consider: if i am granted academic bankruptcey, an option would be to take tcf 112, criticism of film. while this means have to take two comm courses, it actually frees me up to take another upperlevel TCF course in film criticism, which would be far easier than another upper level PHL course, and will act as a double qualifier for one of my upper level non major courses, leaving me at 9 hours in the spring as opposed to twelve if i do not take it. i mapped out what that would look like in the second option TCF TCF112 academic bankruptcey, an m of film. while this means i ally frees me up to take riticism, which would be far rse, and will act as a el non major courses, pposed to twelve if i do not in the second option ...
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