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Glacial period

Glacial period - The little ice age was a period where up...

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Glacial period’s maximum extent is 1.5 million years. Would Last about 100,000 years on avg. Interrupted by sub-glacial periods that would last about 10,000 years. Wisconsin glacial: ice started to retreat about 7/8,000 years ago. The question is whther or not we are simply in a part of the 10,000 year sub glacial period. In this 10,000 year period it has been warmer and colder.
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Unformatted text preview: The little ice age was a period where up until the 1900s the globe was significantly colder. What changed. Blah blah blah, global warming induced by humans, we have to recycle and drive smaller cars and stop cooking crazy things and blah blah blah When geography professors try and talk about logical arguments, it gets really funny....
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