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Augustine paper - Augustine seeks to reconcile 2...

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Augustine seeks to reconcile 2 propositions; A) God has Foreknowledge of all future events, and that B) we do not sin by necessity but by free will. The problem “If God foreknows that man will sin, it is necessary that man sin” This either results in the blasphemous denial of Gods foreknowledge or, if we deny this, the admission that we sin by necessity, not by will. Augustine formulates his argument: A:Do you know how you are going to act tomorrow, sinfully or rightly? E: no A: does God also not know? E: of course not A: if God, then, does know what you are going to do tomorrow, and not only you but foresees how all men exist now and what they are going to do in the future, even more so does he foresee his own actions. E: yes A: well then, if everything which God foreknows happens out of necessity, it would seem that it follows Gods own actions are not acts that he does willfully, but out of necessity. E: what I mean to say is that those things that happen in his creation are out of necessity, because things
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Augustine paper - Augustine seeks to reconcile 2...

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