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Table of Contents - 298 Harding Plastic Molding Company:...

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CONTENTS Preface vii Description of Supplements ix Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Foundations of Financial Management—The Ties That Bind 1 Living and Dying With Asbestos: Ethics Case 19 Chapter 2: The Financial Markets and Interest Rates 32 Chapter 3: Understanding Financial Statements and Cash Flows 46 Chapter 4: Evaluating a Firm’s Financial Performance 73 Chapter 5: The Time Value of Money 109 Chapter 6: The Meaning and Measurement of Risk and Return 200 Chapter 7: Valuation and Characteristics of Bonds 226 Chapter 8: Valuation and Characteristics of Stock 252 Chapter 9: Capital Budgeting Techniques and Practice 274 Ford Pinto: Ethics Case—The Value of Life
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Unformatted text preview: 298 Harding Plastic Molding Company: Capital BudgetingRanking Problems 302 v Chapter 10: Cash Flows and Other Topics in Capital Budgeting 323 Made in the USA: Ethics CaseDumped in Brazil, Africa, 345 Danforth and Donnalley: Capital Budgeting 346 Chapter 11: The Cost of Capital 354 Chapter 12 Determining the Financing Mix 379 Chapter 13: Dividend Policy and Internal Financing 414 Chapter 14: Financial Forecasting, Planning, and Budgeting 433 Chapter 15: Introduction to Working-Capital Management 464 Chapter 16: Liquid Asset Management 490 Chapter 17: International Business Finance 540 vi...
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Table of Contents - 298 Harding Plastic Molding Company:...

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