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PA2_09_stress_strength_strain_tension_rev1 - load e EXTRA...

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ENGRI/CEE 1160: Modern Structures Fall 2007 PROFESSIONAL ASSIGNMENT 2 NOTES: 1. Date Due: Midnight, Thursday, Oct. 15 th 2. Please submit this assignment on paper, not to the Dropbox. 3. State ALL assumptions. In the real world, problems are hardly ever closed-ended: they are usually ambiguous, and need you to complete their definition. Stress, Strain, Strength; Tension and Compression Structures Problem 1 . A 200 foot long steel cable with a cross-sectional area of 1 in 2 is hung between points A and B, Figure 1. Then, a single concentrated load or 50,000 lbs is applied at the mid- point of the cable. a. Sketch the deformed shape of the cable under this load. b. Find the reactions at points A and B. c. Find the force and stress in the cable. d. If the strength of the steel is 100,000 psi, what is the factor-of-safety for this design and
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Unformatted text preview: load? e. EXTRA CREDIT: By how much does the point of application of the load move under this load? How would your answers to a. and b. change if you were to take this movement into account in your equilibrium analysis? Figure 1. Anchorage locations for Problem 1. 1 A B 150 feet Problem 2. The guyed tower shown in Figure 2 needs to support a transmitter/antenna at its top that weighs 100kN. What combination of materials and moments of inertia would provide a factor-of-safety of 1.5 against buckling? Show these safe combinations in graphical format. Figure 2. Sketch of guyed tower. Assume that the cables provide a roller-type support at top of tower. 2 300 m...
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PA2_09_stress_strength_strain_tension_rev1 - load e EXTRA...

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