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5_Suspension Bridges_09

5_Suspension Bridges_09 - Suspension Bridges George...

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Unformatted text preview: Suspension Bridges George Washington Bridge Golden Gate Bridge And… 1 George Washington Bridge,1931 Othmar Ammann 3500 ft Main Span Note Double Deck 2 Early in Life: Single Roadway 3 Main and Suspender (Hanger) Main Cables Cables 4 Single Deck 5 Towers and Their Foundations 6 Golden Gate Bridge,1937 Joseph Strauss 4200 ft Main Span Note single, but truss stiffened deck 7 Pier under South Tower and Pier South Anchorage South 8 South Anchorage 9 Cable Saddle over Tower 10 10 Longest Suspension Bridge, Yet Akashi Bridge, 1998 6,532 ft (+ 1 ft….) 978 ft ! 11 11 ...
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