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ENGRI 1160 MODERN STRUCTURES Fall 2009 LABORATORY BUILDING PROJECT: LABORATORY BUILDING PROJECT: OB JECTIVE, RULES, AND SPECIFICATIONS OB JECTIVE, RULES, AND SPECIFICATIONS 1.0 OBJECTIVES Your technical objective is to design and construct a model building frame to resist a simulated earthquake. This is a team-based project for teams of four (4) students. All teams will: Create a preliminary design of their model building; Defend the design at a preliminary design review (PDR); Modify the preliminary design according to recommendations from the PDR; Construct their model building; Defend their model building design at critical design review (CDR); and Load-test their model on an earthquake simulator. Your professional objectives include: Working effectively on a technical team; Using professional engineering practices; Meeting deadlines; and Communicating your ideas effectively to external reviewers 2.0 RULES AND PRACTICES 2.1 Material – Structural Components The primary structure of your model building must be of the same material, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, C 8 H 8 · C 4 H 6 ·C 3 H 3 N x ) plastic. All such components for your model must be obtained by placing an order with your Preliminary Materials Schedule (available on Blackboard). Your Preliminary Materials Schedule must be submitted to your Team Dropbox (the Dropbox of your Team Leader) no later than noon, Friday, November 6. If you miss this deadline, your team is in deep trouble, since you might not get your materials shipped in time to meet your contracted construction completion deadline. The only basis for your order is the catalogue of the exclusive supplier, the Plastruct Corporation. The Plastruct Catalogue, Volume 9, is available on Blackboard. The catalogue lists and depicts all available ABS structural forms and their sizes, but does not list prices. Unit prices for each item are available in the Plastruct Retail Price List, also available on Blackboard. Note that some items can only be purchased in specified packaged quantities. In this case, you must purchase (and should use) a complete package of this item. Alternatively, you may barter with other teams to exchange unused materials after you have placed your order, but you must indicate the total cost of all materials ultimately used in your building on the Final Materials Schedule that you submit with your model at CDR: no team gets any materials for free. Do
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Building_Project_Specifications_Rules_F09_rev1 - ENGRI 1160...

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