How to do well in Intro Psych with Dr Smith

How to do well in Intro Psych with Dr Smith - H ow to do...

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How to do well in Dr. Smith’s Introductory Psychology Class: A Primer Dear Students: Below I have compiled some general guidelines for the course. I recommend you read this document and ask me about anything you do not understand. Being prepared for a course is an important first step in doing well in a class. I. Class preparation A. It is imperative that you read before coming to class. Students who have no idea what we will be covering in class will have a hard time listening to my lecture and understanding what I am saying. II. In class A. Be prepared to start class on time. We have very little time to cover a lot of material. B. Do NOT copy my slides! They are guidelines for my lecture and are more for you to get spellings and organize your notes. You will do far better if you listen to me and use the slides as a guide of where I am heading next. C.Do feel free to ask me questions during lecture. Despite the fact that there are 300 people in the course, I do take
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questions and enjoy taking a break from lecturing to discuss things that are of interest to my students 1. Given our time limitations, I may not be able to get to everyone’s questions – do not take it personally D. Do NOT come to class if you plan to sleep during it. I find it distracting, as do the people sitting around you. I will
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This note was uploaded on 10/26/2009 for the course PSYCH 100 taught by Professor Smith during the Spring '08 term at University of Delaware.

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How to do well in Intro Psych with Dr Smith - H ow to do...

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