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Fall 2007, College of Human Resources, Education, and Public Policy Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies, 3 cr. FASH 222: APPAREL PRODUCT ANALYSIS Professor : Sharron J. Lennon, email: lennon@udel.edu , phone: 831-6054, Office: 213 Alison West Class meeting time : T-Th @ 2:00, Alison Hall West, Room 310. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Concepts of apparel product development; standards of quality and value, anthropometrics, sizing, fit evaluation, specification writing, costing, and overview of computer practices in apparel product development processes. PREREQUISITES: FASH122 for APD majors. CLASS FORMAT: Class format will include a combination of lecture and small group activities. Students are to form workgroups of 4 students. You will work in these groups during the quarter on the small group activities in class. Please tell us your workgroup members by 9/6/07(Thurs). COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to 1. Identify style terms and industry construction terms. 2. Analyze sewn products using industry standards for fit, performance and appearance. 3. Identify and evaluate construction techniques for sewn products in relation to cost and end use. 4. Evaluate the relationship between fabric type and construction techniques, style and end market. 5. Understand computer practices in apparel product development 6. Perform cost analyses 7. Write specs for stitches and seams REQUIRED TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS: Lennon, S. J. 222 Manual Available at bookstore Brown, P.(1997) Ready-to-wear apparel analysis (3rd ED.). NY: Macmillan Available at bookstore Sample stitch types card Available at bookstore Other supplies: small inexpensive magnifying glass, scissors, index cards, scotch tape LAB FEE ($20) Pays for required samples and all materials distributed in and used by the class. Give receipt to TA POLICIES: 1. Attendance is required . Attendance is defined (1) being in class, (2) on time, and (3) staying for the entire period. Attendance will be recorded in each class, and used for borderline grade determination. 2. Written work m ust be typewritten in neat form . Please be sure that you have no spelling errors, grammatical errors, or typos. 3. Due Dates: - All in-class activities are due during the class period. - All homework assignments and projects are due at the BEGINNING of class ON THE DATE LISTED IN THE SYLLABUS . - In the event of an emergency, notify the instructor as soon as possible. If you miss class on the day a graded assignment is due and if it is not a pre-approved absence, you may not be permitted to make-up the work. - Projects turned in after the due date will have 25% of points deducted . 1
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4. Assignments . Students are expected to read all assignments prior to the day for which they are assigned.
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FASH222syllabusFA07 - Fall 2007, College of Human...

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