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Stones group assignment information

Stones group assignment information - Research Project on...

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Research Project on Precious and Semi-Precious Stones – FASH 318 – Spring 2009 The Stillettos – diamonds Dry Clean Only – ruby Couturiers – topaz Shoes, Bags, Ties…Oh my! – sapphire Sew Cool – emerald The Trendy Wendy’s – amethyst Little Black Dresses – aquamarine Instructions: Prepare a written paper that discusses the following topics: Where are the stones currently found and mined? Are there problems obtaining them? Describe the process by which they are prepared for use in jewelry and other apparel applications.
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  • Spring '09
  • schaffer
  • Gemstone, sapphire Sew Cool, amethyst Little Black, United States Interesting, current fashion applications, Stones – FASH

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