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oral exam info - visual prompt(approximately five minutes...

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SPANISH 107 Oral Exam The ability to communicate orally is perhaps the most useful skill you will acquire in a foreign language class. You should practice oral communication every day. At the end of the semester, you will meet with your Instructor for an Oral Exam. Your Instructor will record the exam and evaluate your abilities. Class will not be held on the day(s) set aside for the oral. You are only required to attend your Oral Exam Appointment during the day(s) or during any other time /date assigned by your instructor. Be sure to make a note of the date, time and location (*many Professors hold their oral exams in their office, or other room). There are no make-ups if you miss your appointment. Students will be tested individually. The exam will take approximately 10 minutes and will consist of questions (approximately five minutes) and a narration / description task based on a visual prompt (approximately five minutes).
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Unformatted text preview: visual prompt (approximately five minutes). During the exam, you may not use notes or reminders of any kind. What should I do to prepare for the personal question section? Practice the “Entrevista” activities listed below. Your instructor may ask you these or similar questions. p. 383 (Activity 9-47 ) p. 405 (Activity 10-19) p. 411 (Activity 10-26) p. 417 (Activity 10-41) p. 422 (Activity 10-47) p. 451 (Activity 11-18) p. 452 (Activity 11-20) p. 471 (Activity 11-46) p. 477 (Activity 11-54) What should I do to prepare for the narration / description task based on a visual prompt? Attend class every day! Your teacher(s) will be practicing narration and description often in class. You will be evaluated individually using the following scale: * communication of message 23% * comprehension of message 20% * content and vocabulary 22% * grammatical accuracy 20% * pronunciation and intonation 15%...
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