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FASH215 2 day schedule - FASH215 Date Week 1 Tuesday...

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FASH215 Fundamentals of Textiles I Spring 2008 Mayhew Date Lecture/Demo Topics In-class Activity Readings/Assignments Week 1 Introductions Getting Acquainted Complete Getting Acquainted Tuesday Discussion of syllabus, Take home exam Due Thursday 12-Feb- 08 assignments, projects, supplies, Semester Project topic texts, etc. Complete Take Home Exam Group Dynamics Due Thursday Kadolph : Chapters 1,2,3 Thursday Serviceability Characteristics Lecture 14-Feb- 08 WebCT: Serv. Characteristics Week 2 Chemistry Basics WebCT: Chemistry Basics Tuesday Lecture 19-Feb- 08 Thursday Chemistry Basics Lecture 21-Feb- 08 Week 3 Tuesday Chemistry Basics Lecture 26-Feb- 08 Thursday Chemistry Basics 28-Feb- 08 Lecture Week 4 Tuesday WebCT: Intro to 4-Mar-08 Introduction to Lecture Fiber Science I Fiber Science Part I
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Thursday Tensile Testing WebCT: Tensile Testing 6-Mar-08 Lecture Fiber Identification Fiber Identification Demonstration Semester Project Proposals due Week 5 Tuesday Protein Structure Kadolph: Ch. 5 11-Mar- 08 Lecture WebCT: Protein
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