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Susannah Empson 9/17/2009 Magtrieve Oxidation Write-Up Discussion 2. During the experiment, the sand bath was held between 90 ° C and 115 ° C, while the watch glass containing the ice was around 0 ° C. Originally the reaction mixture contained two solids, 4- chlorobenzyl alcohol and Magtrieve. Because the reaction was occurring at around 110 ° C, the alcohol (with a melting point of 69-72 ° C) began to melt, and in doing so reacted with the Magtrieve to form 4- chlorobenzaldehyde. The aldehyde has a melting point of 46 ° C, is more volatile than the alcohol, and has a higher vapor pressure. Therefore, the aldehyde product evaporated and then solidified (via deposition) into its purified form on the bottom surface of the watch glass. 3. I reacted 702 mg Magtrieve with 150 mg 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol. Magtrieve has a molecular weight of 84 g/mole, while 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol has a molecular weight of 142 g/mole. Therefore, at the outset of the experiment, my reaction mixture contained 8.36 mmol of Magtrieve and 1.06 mmol of 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol. Because Magtrieve and the alcohol react in a 2:1 ratio, theoretically only 2.12 mmol of Magtrieve were required. Therefore, 6.24 mmol (or 524 mg) of Magtrieve were in excess. Excess Magtrieve was required in this experiment because only the surface layer of each Magtrieve particle is available to react. Thus, in order to maximize the percent yield of the product aldehyde, it is necessary that Magtrieve be present in excess. Questions 1. My solvent traveled 47.0 mm. I observed two separate spots under UV light for the starting material (the alcohol), most likely because the sample of alcohol that I used had been contaminated with another substance (probably a small amount of the aldehyde product). The two spots of starting
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Magtrieve Write-up - Susannah Empson 9/17/2009 Magtrieve...

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