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2nd Short Essay Paper Guide_ANT148A SS2 2009

2nd Short Essay Paper Guide_ANT148A SS2 2009 - ANT148A SS2...

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ANT148A SS2 2009 Gowoon Noh Short Essay Paper #2 Guide The second short essay paper assignment is to write a critical review of the film, Out of Phoenix Bridge. Discuss at least one of the following three topics in your essay. 1. Unequal citizenship: Social inequality created by population control policies in China Topics 2. Gendered position of female rural migrants at work and at home 3. How do these female rural migrants try to manage their life in cities with relation to accomplish their desire for independence, career, love, freedom, etc, and discuss existing barriers, limit and restrictions that they confront in Chinese society. a. Avoid writing judgmental remarks in the paper. Your job is not to judge and make clear comments on whether or not you like the people appeared in the film, or whether or not you think they are good people. Your job is to show your critical thoughts about socially constructed beliefs, acts, relations, movements, etc. of people and some objects, which have influence on the context that the people in the film face, accept, and/or resist.
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