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Syllabus_ANT148A_SSII 2009 - Culture and Political Economy...

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Culture and Political Economy in Contemporary China (ANT148A) Summer Session II, 2009 August 3 – September 10 M/T/W/R 12:10 – 1:50pm 1134 Bainer Instructor: Gowoon Noh Email: Office: 311 Young Hall Office hours: M 2–4pm Introduction Course description China is rising as a power house in the political and economic arenas on the global stage. A better understanding of what has taken place and is taking place in this vast and fast-growing country will shed light on its future trajectory and its potential impact on the twenty-first century as China is drawn into the orbit of global capitalism. This course examines recent major transformations of Chinese culture and political economy through reading in-depth ethnographic studies on rural and urban China. Rather than treating Chinese culture and social structure as timeless, bounded, and fixed entities, students are invited to explore the temporal processes of Chinese sociocultural institutions and everyday practices within a wide range of social, political, and economic domains—for example, state power, popular culture, spatial mobility, family life, village life, city space, consumerism, and ethnic diversity. While highlighting important social changes over the past six decades (from the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 to the present), special attention will be given to the profound transformations that have taken place during the post-Mao economic reform period. Reading Materials A. Chan, R. Madsen, and J. Unger. 2009. Chen Village:Revolution and Globalization . University of California Press. P. Ngai. 2005. Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace . Duke University Press. L. Schein. 2000. Minority Rules: The Miao and the Feminine in China's Cultural Politics . Duke University Press. Other reading materials are available on Smartsite. Reading Schedule You are expected to have read the assigned texts in advance and in preparation for the lectures dealing with the topic . You should start reading the assigned material from day one of this class. Some weeks have more material assigned than others. So, pace yourself and start reading right away. That said, I think you will enjoy the readings. I have selected texts for their readability and
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their strong arguments. Some of their conclusions may provoke or surprise you, and all are intended to facilitate discussion, debate and engagement. Two short essay papers
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Syllabus_ANT148A_SSII 2009 - Culture and Political Economy...

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