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CSc 134 Homework 4 Total: 40 points. Submit either a .doc or .pdf file to WebCT. B: block size, R: record size, r: total number of records. b: number of blocks a file has. Given B=1024, R=40, r=75,000. The record is ordered by project_ID. We use primary index, where the ordering key field is 9 bytes and a block pointer is 6 bytes. Use the primary index to facilitate the search of a project record by project_ID.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the number of blocks needed to load to the main memory in order to locate a certain project record? Note: with respect to the symbol of round up/ round down: you can use {round up} or {round down} (instead of using the symbol) to represent the operation. Please present all the steps to achieve your answer....
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