CSC 134 Homework 2

CSC 134 Homework 2 - 20 hours per week(Note The “hours”...

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CSC 134 Spring 2009 Homework 2 (Total: 100 points) Specify the following queries on the database schema shown in the following figure, using the operations of the relational algebra. Submit a file, either .doc or .pdf, to WebCT. (1) Retrieve the department name if the department has one location in ‘Phoenix”. (2) Retrieve the projects (project names), which ‘John Weley’ is working on more than
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Unformatted text preview: 20 hours per week. (Note: The “hours” attribute in the “works_on” relation specifies how many hours per week for the pair of “essn” and “pno”) (3) List all female dependents (first name, last name) if they are the dependents of “CSC” department employees. (“CSC” is department name). (4) Find the names of employees that are directly supervised by 'Mike Miller'....
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