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1_create_table.sql - REVIEWS 6.create table...

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Sheet1 Page 1 PROJECT 1. create table project(Project_ID varchar(20) NOT NULL,Title varchar(30),Archived varchar(20),Project_Status varchar(20),P LANGUAGE 2. create table language(Project_ID varchar(20),Language varchar(20),primary key(Project_ID,Language),foreign key(Project INVESTIGATOR 3. create table investigator(SSN varchar(9),First_Name varchar(20) NOT NULL, Last_Name varchar(20) NOT NULL, Organiz WORKS_ON 4. create table works_on(Project_ID varchar(20), SSN varchar(9), Inv_Role varchar(10), primary key(Project_ID, SSN), foreig REVIEWER 5. create table reviewer(SSN varchar(9), First_Name varchar(20), Last_Name varchar(20), primary key(SSN))
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Unformatted text preview: REVIEWS 6.create table reviews(Project_ID varchar(20), SSN varchar(9), Reviewer_Role varchar(10), primary key(Project_ID,SSN), for e CONTACT HISTORY 7. create table contact_history(Contact_ID varchar(20),Project_ID varchar(20), CP_Name varchar(20), Contact_Type varchar ( 2 Contact_REMINDER 8. create table contact_remainder(Contact_ID varchar(20), Project_ID varchar(20),Contact_Remainders varchar(20), primary Key(Contact_ID, Project_ID,Contact_Remainders),Foreign Key(Contact_ID,Project_ID) references Contact_History(Contact_ID,Project_ID))...
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