2_populate_db.sql - 1. insert into project...

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Sheet1 Page 1 1 insert into project values('P001','Online Shopping', 'Archieved1', 'Compleated') insert into reviewer values('111111111', 'John', 'stevens') insert into reviews values('P001', '111111111', 'optional') 2 insert into project values('P002', 'Security Software','archieved2','In progress') insert into project values('P003','Gaming','Archieved3','Not Started') insert into investigator values('222222222','Eden','Naba','ABC','Addess1','12345','123456789') insert into investigator values('333333333','zedrik','clevenger','KCG','Addess2','55555','234154365') insert into investigator values('444444444','senad','methew','SGD','Addess3','23454','44454365') insert into works_on values('P001','222222222','Primary') insert into works_on values('P002','222222222','other') 3 insert into project values('P007','Air Quality Research Project','archieved4','In Progress') insert into investigator values('123123123','Johnson','Button','ABC','Address123','98769','1234321235') insert into works_on values('P007','123123123','Primary')
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This note was uploaded on 10/26/2009 for the course CSC CSC 134 taught by Professor Jinyin during the Spring '09 term at CSU Sacramento.

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2_populate_db.sql - 1. insert into project...

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