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Sheet1 Page 1 All CSC 134 Students, After I got emails from students, I found out some queries are unclear. Please use the followings for query No: 4,5,6. A new copy of hw3 specification will be loaded to WebCT to replace the existing one. 4)Get the contact information (contact ID, contact person name, contact type and contact reminders) for the projects which have a contact history with contact reminder(s). (If a contact history has no reminder, don't output it.) Also get the Project_IDs for those projects. 5)Get the project information (project id, title, status and whether archived or not)
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Unformatted text preview: which has a CO_PI investigator. g CO_PI& is a value of the E Inv_role& attribute in the works_on table. 6)Retrieve all the projects (project id, project title) in which ± John Smith( serves as a principle investigator. Prof. JIN create table contact_remainder(Contact_ID varchar(20), Project_ID varchar(20), Contact_Remainders varchar(20), primary key(Contact_ID, Project_ID, Contact_Remainders)) alter table contact_remainder add foreign key (Contact_ID, Project_ID) references Contact_History(Contact_ID,Project_ID)...
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