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Î Watch for this on tape + Particularly good 9 Done just right 9 Ding Topic _______________________ Persuasion is possible Business related Adequate research Beginning Attention getting, appealing Signposts the way Content Two to three reasons why One or two reasons why not, dismissed Use of persuasive reasoning (wording) Transitions and ending Smooth transitions between sections Comes to a persuasive conclusion Structure Logic flow without laundry list PowerPoint Readability Clarity Creativity, aesthetics Right chart type, display of numbers
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Unformatted text preview: • Demonstrates mastery of: animation, slide transitions, timing Delivery • Able to speak well without script • Stance, eye contact with audience • Rate of speech, audibility, distracters and place-holders • Use of movement and gesture, acknowledges own slides • Articulation; Specific problems Î Recommendations: • Management of lights, equipment, files Timing • 8 — 9 minutes © David Robinson, 2008 Name Rev 6/2008 Score / 20 points Please save this score sheet ugba - 100 Business Communication...
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