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J.Student 12345678 BA 100 TuTh xx-yy Air France: The Proper Course Toward Consumer Satisfaction The issue facing Air France is, effectively, a public relations situation. Given the safety standards of airplanes, it is evident that in this day and age, what happened was an abnormal occurrence. With the lack of communication between the captain and the passengers with respect to the actual severity of the situation, it stands to reason that the occurrence has discouraged some Air France passengers from repeat visits. In response to this situation, Air France has a number of options, but the major option is the fundamental choice between doing something and doing nothing. Asides from the basic choice, Air France can pursue an active course of reparations, including offering refunds and frequent flyer miles. It can also seek simply to explain to passengers on the flight why the flight was derailed, or rather, why the engine inexplicably failed. A third option Air France has open is a simple apology, which, while not overly reassuring, will at least convince passengers that Air France cares for the welfare of its customers. To determine which of the four options available is the most effective for Air France’s purpose, it is necessary to first determine the purpose of the communication. In this case, Air France has received bad press and reports of disgruntled passengers from that flight. The immediate goal of any course by Air France should be damage control, namely, mitigating the poor image stemming from lack of information from the captain, inability to repair an airplane engine, and poor training on part of the stewardess. This requires, at the minimum, an apology for the lapse in service owing to an emergency. The secondary goal of Air France is to retain as many passengers as possible from that flight. While an apology is a good first step, actual incentives such as frequent flyer miles will most likely be more effective at achieving this goal. Finally, the tertiary goal of Air France, and the
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Student Paper Example - J.Student 12345678 BA 100 TuTh...

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