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TYPES OF STATISTICAL APPLICATIONS Descriptive statistics are the tabular, graphical, and numerical methods used to summarize data. o Elements of Descriptive Statistical Problems population/sample of interest investigative variables numerical summary tools (charts, graphs, tables) pattern identification in data Statistical inference is the process of using data obtained from a small group of elements (the sample ) to make estimates and test hypotheses about the characteristics of a larger group of elements (the population ). Elements of Inferential Statistical Problems population of interest investigative variables sample taken from population inference about population based on sample data reliability measure for the inference Data can be classified as being categorical or quantitative. The statistical analysis that is appropriate depends on whether the data for the variable are categorical or quantitative. In general, there are more alternatives for statistical analysis when the data are quantitative. Quantitative Data indicate either how many or how much measured on a naturally occurring scale quantitative data are always numeric ordinary arithmetic operations are meaningful only with quantitative data
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Categorical Data measured by classification only non-numerical in nature meaningfully ordered categories identify ordinal data (best to worst ranking, age categories) categories without a meaningful order identify nominal data (political affiliation, industry classification, ethnic/cultural groups) Graphical Methods for Describing Quantitative Data The Stem-and-Leaf Display is a useful tool for displaying (and ordering) moderate amounts of data. We make a stem-and-leaf display by dividing each of the numbers we are working with
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Notes%20For%20Quiz%20Review - TYPES OF STATISTICAL...

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