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Informative Group Proposal - Memo TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT:...

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Memo TO: Mrs. Lilly Johnson, Communication Skills Instructor, Virginia Tech FROM: The SmartyPants Group (Kortney Pierce, David Choi, Amy Grooms, Hope Sweetnam, Kirsten Lutz) DATE: March 17, 2008 SUBJECT: Informative Presentation Proposal Introduction The Center for Academic Enrichment and Excellence is an important topic for the Virginia Tech community. CAEE provides free academic support, such as tutoring and study skills seminars to undergraduate students at Virginia Tech who are struggling academically. Also, there are programs and activities for students who are already academically stable but want to enrich their educational experiences at Virginia Tech. The goal here is to successfully reach out to all Virginia Tech students with an appropriate proposal. Audience Need The focus of this section is to show how our group presentation is appropriate for the audience. Our group should make this presentation because it is very helpful for struggling students, and students who wish to succeed further academically. The information we present will provide assistance and will become useful. The audience consists of undergraduate Virginia Tech students. There will be a very diverse mix of academic level and attitude. Our topic will interest certain people more than others due to their difference in beliefs and values. The audience will be diverse in religion as well. The audience is connected to this issue because they
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This note was uploaded on 10/26/2009 for the course COMM 1016 taught by Professor Dmjenkins during the Spring '07 term at Virginia Tech.

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Informative Group Proposal - Memo TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT:...

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