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Reflection Analysis - class, now I love to state my...

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Memo TO: Mrs. Lilly Johnson, Communication Skills Instructor, Virginia Tech FROM: Kortney Pierce, Student DATE: December 7, 2007 SUBJECT: Reflection Analysis The purpose of this paper is to think back on my gradual progress throughout CommSkills 1015. I still have my weaknesses, but for the most part I have much more strengths than I did when I first started this class. Some of my weak points are my writing skills. I really wanted to improve my writing technique but I seemed to not be able to do so. I did not get worse, but I also did not get any better. My grades on papers always average to around a B. On a good note, I definitely got better on my test grades and my participation with the class. My first test was horrible and I thought I would be struggling in the class. I began to read more intently and study harder and the grades began to gradually get better. In the beginning, I was shy and did not like speaking up much during
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Unformatted text preview: class, now I love to state my opinions and talk when I can. I get involved in the class conversations and really get involved. Even though I am not doing my best in every area, I am doing a good job overall. I have been very successful. I am very pleased with myself that I was able to finish all projects and get everything turned in on time because I really use to struggle with procrastination in high school. I have already devoted myself into working even harder next year and I am really excited about that because I want even better grades for myself. I decided I know longer want to settle for C’s. CommSkills 1015 has helped me grow as an individual socially. I enjoyed learning all the new material and even look forward to next year’s material. I am very glad that this class has taught me very much! If you have any questions about my goals, please contact me at [email protected] ....
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Reflection Analysis - class, now I love to state my...

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