air pollution and global warming

air pollution and global warming - deforest (BUT U.S....

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GEOL 108: Air Pollution and Global Warming  18:07 Methane’s clean, but combine w/ oxygen gets bad 1% of UV radiation through the ozone layer is powerful force, release an oxygen  (not stable as form of oxygen) sulfur makes the sky brown:  early air on earth was 300x s=thicker, volcanic, like Venus, 90% CO2,   all of the  rocks and concrete are made of  tons are effects from acid rain, hardest hit in the Northeast—kills fish in  Adirondacks cold air underneath warm causes acid rain two kinds of ozone—bad and good—good is the ozone layer bad ozone is when it is made near us, close to the earths surface  sunny day: more ozone! Shit only pollutant slowing down is Freon (CFC) b/c of the global summit all greenhouse gases are increasing, arguing to developing countries to not 
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Unformatted text preview: deforest (BUT U.S. already did it!) climate change: about 1 degree F and sea level risen over past 100 yrs., methane comes from cows and sewage plants when you warm water, it expels gases—cold water holds head earth been warming for past 10,000 yrs, but past 1,000 yrs. It has stabilized Mini-Ice age around 1500/1600 No other geologic process erodes, scratches, the surface like ice Sea levels rise, storms that come in go further inland Warm oceans feeds the power of hurricanes U.S. and Australia biggest greenhouse emissions Tons of climate change impacts Look at all of the political effects—Earth summits on the ozone whole were very good, first earth summit in 1992—all other countries signed except U.S. 18:07 18:07...
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air pollution and global warming - deforest (BUT U.S....

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