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EE338K HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #4 Loop Gain and Percent Gain Error 2. 1. 3. 4. E s + _ _ + R s =100k R 1 =1k R 2 =9k R L = 1 k E o G = E o / E s + _ R s =1k R 1 =4k R L =2k I s R 2 =1k I o G = I o / I s _ + ( ) + E E a r o =100 r i =100k () + () Op Amp Model a =10 5 + _ R s =250 R 1 =3k R L =2k E o I s G = E o / I s + _ _ + R s =500k R 1 =10k R L =100 E s I o G = I o / E s 1. For Circuit 1 break the feedback loop open just to the right of the feedback network and for Circuit 2 break the loop open just to the left of the feedback network to find for each circuit: a.) The Loop Gain, L b.) The Percent Gain Error, E % . 2. For circuits 3 and 4 above break open the feedback loops “inside the Op Amp” model to find: a.) The Loop Gain,
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Unformatted text preview: L b.) The Percent Gain Error, E % . 3. Use the OP Amp model in the file HW#4_Op_Amp_Model with V CC = +15V and V EE = -15V to construct Circuit 1 in Multisim7. Open the feedback loop at the same place as was done in 1a.and insert a 1kHz E T voltage source and a Z D resistor with the value computed in 1a. With this setup use simulated measurements to determine the numerical value of the Loop Gain, L . Express your answer to 4 digits. ( Note: Don’t forget to turn off E s when determining L .)...
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