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EE 339 Homework #1 Due Thursday 9/17/09 I. (15 points) Problem 1.3 from text. II. (15 points) Write out all of the equivalent <110> directions using proper notation. (E.g., [110], [011] etc.) III. (15 points) Calculate the area density of atoms on a (110) plane in Si. (That is if you were to cleave the crystal along a (110) plane what would be the surface density of atoms. Remember that the “lattice constant” is the edge length a along a <100> direction for the simple cubic lattice as per various figures in my notes and
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Unformatted text preview: the text.) IV. (20 points) Problem 1.9 from text. (Appendix III preferably, or Fig. 1-13 may be useful for Part (b). Also Note that it says nearest In neighbors, not just nearest neighbors.) V. (20 points) Problem 1.17 of the text. (Dont worry that you may not know what a bandgap is yet; just read it off of the Fig. 1-13.) VI. (15 points) Problem 1.18 of the text (Hint: This is very much like Example 1-4 in the text.)...
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