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Homework 4 - Homework#4 Due Thursday I(20 Points Problem...

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1 Homework #4, Due Thursday 10/8/09 I. (20 Points) Problem 3.13 of text. For part (a) assume that the bar is actually 0.1 cm long. Also, remember that for samples of uniform cross section and conductivity, multiply conductivity by cross-sectional area and divide by length to get conductance , and, equivalently, multiply resistivity by length and divide by cross sectional area to get resistance . For part (b), well, let me point out that you should take a moment to think about it. II. (20 points) Referring to Fig. 3-25, consider a uniformly doped semiconductor bar with w = 0.1 mm, t = 10 μ m and L = 5 mm. For a magnetic field B z = 10 kG = 1Wb/m 2 (where Wb are SI units) and a current of 1mA, we have V AB = –2mV and V CD = 100mV. Find the type, concentration (in units of cm –3 ultimately) and mobility (in units of cm 2 /V-s ultimately) of the majority carriers. III. (20 points) Problem 4.12 of text IV. (20 points) Problem 4.14 of Text. and ...
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2 V. (20 points) (From one of my old exams) Consider the following equilibrium band diagram for a portion of a semiconductor with a
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  • carrier concentration, intrinsic carrier concentration, uniformly doped semiconductor, EF energy position, carrier concentration scale