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EE411 Spring 2008 HW#1 Due: Jan 22, 12:30 PM Please note that only problem 3 is required for the homework submission. Others are for practice. 1. The voltage v across a device and the current I through it are () () ( ) A 1 10 V, 2 cos 5 5 . 0 t e t i t t v = = Calculate: (a) the total charge in the device at t = 1 s (b) the power consumed by the device at t = 1 s. 2. A 30-W incandescent lamp is connected to a 120-V source and is left burning
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Unformatted text preview: continuously in an otherwise dark staircase. Determine: (a) the current through the lamp, (b) the cost of operating the light for one non-leap year if electricity costs 12 cents per kWh. 3. Find the power absorbed by each of the elements in the figure. 4. Find V in the circuit of this figure....
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