Material Balance principles

Material Balance principles - Procedure for material...

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Unformatted text preview: Procedure for material balance calculations (from F&R, 2 nd edition, pp. 105-106) 1. Draw a flowchart and fill in all given variable values. 2. Choose as a basis of calculation an amount or flow rate of one of the process streams. If one such quantity is given, it is usually most convenient to use it as the basis of calculations; all subsequently calculated quantities will then be correctly scaled. If several amounts of flow rates are known, always use them as a basis. If no amount or flow rate is specified, assume an amount of a stream with a known composition and write the assumed quantity on the flowchart. 3. Label unknown stream variables on the chart , particularly mass or molar flow rates and mass or mole fractions of stream component. Try to incorporate given relationships between unknown quantities in the labeling. 4. Do the problem bookkeeping. Count unknowns and relations among them, If them numbers are equal, lay out the problem solution; if not, figure out what’s wrong – the chart...
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