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AMERICAN STUDIES 301: SAMPLE MIDTERM QUIZ/EXAM (To be reviewed in class on Monday, October 19 th ) 1. Anna Deavere Smith claims she wrote Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 for which of the following reasons: a) search for the character of Los Angeles b) to measure the shades of loss c) as a call to the community d) to create a ‘more complex language’ for a dialogue about race e) to take stock of how the race canvas in America has changed since the Watts riots f) all of the above 2. Anna Deavere Smith gives the last words in Twilight to: a) Elaine Young, the Beverly Hills real estate agent b) Twilight Bey c) John Singleton d) Antonio Villaraigosa e) Tommy Lasorda f) Reginald Denny 3. One possible reason Sonora McKeller entitles her essay, “Watts—Little Rome” is because: a) It’s not too far to travel from Watts to a Coliseum. b) In 1965 Watts got sacked by barbarians just as Rome did in 476. c) She felt the political leaders of Watts had become tyrants like Caesar d) She laments that Watts is suffering the same fate as Rome did under Nero when it began to burn: neglect. 4. Ruben Martinez in his essay “Technicolor” in Half + Half calls for: a) Spanglish as the official language of Los Angeles b) the procreative deconstruction of race c) everyone to watch “Blade Runner” and “Crazy/Beautiful” d) a recognition of how we can become confused between reel life and real life. 5. Lynell George recommends in her essay, “Native to the Place,” that the sound track for Los Angeles should be: a) Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” b) Tool’s “Aenima” c) Frank Sinatra’s “L.A. is My Lady” d) “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys e) The ragged piecemeal rhythms of a street band like “War”* with
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its marriage of soul music congas and fraying rock guitars [“ War’s” songs include, “Low Rider,” “L.A. Sunshine,” and “Why Can’t We Be
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