diversity - Sheet1 Page 1 Biomes rainforest normally near...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Biomes- rainforest normally near equator. product of latitude and elevation. zoogeographic regions are based on evolutionary history. coniferous forests-taiga six terrestrial biomes. similar environments-similar specias convergent evolution- species evolve 4rm diff groups share similar morphological traits ichyosaur- extinct reptiles 1. tropical rain foresr- greatest diversity layers: habitat layers: canopies, subcanpiues, understory and emergent vegetation. wet and warm. 240cm of rain/year mammals: order xenartha- antaters, slots and armadillows. once called edentata(no teeth) sloths are arboreal foliovores they myrmecophagous(feed on social insects) monkeys: platyrrhini(flat nose) the old world and new wrold monkeys have been separate for a very long tim, they differ in structure of noce. have prehensile tails- support entire weight of body, spider monkeys, squirrell monkey, capuchins and howlers. feed on leave Birds:trogons: bright, each insencts and fruits THREATS: leachings, mostly tied up in vegetation. illegal logging. deforestation- loss of trees, loss of soil. eucalyptus is common. temperate forests have seasonality. further from equator so more pronounceced summer and winder. neotropical migrants- leave tempretae biomes to avoid cold winter. YAHNER'S CLASSIFICATION: 4 major forest types: 1. nothern hardwoods- canada, grea lakes and some new englas. 2.cent MAMMALS OF TEMPERATE FORESTS: mostly in N. America, Siaia n Europe. rodelds, insectivores(shrews and moles) carn koalas are arboreal foliovores...
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diversity - Sheet1 Page 1 Biomes rainforest normally near...

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