ggnomad and viper - Monika Poshkaite How is Geula...

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Monika Poshkaite How is Geula characterized? How do you explain her attraction to the nomad? (have you noticed her suppressed erotic passion? Have you seen some foreshadowing motifs which connect her to the world of the bedouins?) How do you interpret the end of the story? What is the function of the snake in the story (do you find any similarities between the snake and the nomad)? Geula's name is important to the story, in which is means "redemption" in Hebrew. Geula in the story, "Nomad and Viper" is at odds with her kibbutz society and feels threatened and incomplete living there. The story started by using a collective senses "we" and as it develops to a more personalized voice, showing less suppression of the individual. Guela has a lot of tension inside of herself. It is seen once when she was trying to smash a lying bottle on the ground: “she still failed to hear the shattering sound that she craved" (29). She craves something out of ordinary, and wants to see disorganization in life around her. As story progresses she become calmer and more
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ggnomad and viper - Monika Poshkaite How is Geula...

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