metamorphosis - Monika Poshkaite Second Response to Agnons...

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Monika Poshkaite Second Response to Agnon’s “Metamorphosis”. Agnon’s story “Metamorphosis” is an unusual love story. It is a story of a husband and a wife, who get divorced and the author leaves it up to the reader to draw any further conclusions, if they are going to get back together, or not. As Toni and Hartman divorce, right after the scene, Hartman is portrayed as a lost man. “His face was lined and his forehead furrowed. For a moment he stood there looking about him like someone who has just come out of the dark arid and is wondering which way to go” (page 112). After he catches the sight of Toni, his eyes are “hard, and tired eyes” (Page 112), he shows a sense of insecurity approaching Toni and asking her if she is planning to leave with the other men who were waiting for her. Toni, on the other hand is the one who is wronged in the story, since bill of divorcement affects woman more negatively in the society than men, and she is upset after this divorce. She “raised her sad eyes, and stood looking at him helplessly. Her entire appearance seemed to say, ‘Do I look as if I could go alone?’”(Page 112), Toni had a sense of belonging to someone and now she does not feel independent or free enough to walk away from the situation and start over independently. That is where the story begins. Hartman’s unconscious motions and thoughts suggest what is not fully showed in the story in the dialogue. Hartman in many parts of the story is confused and acts out with
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metamorphosis - Monika Poshkaite Second Response to Agnons...

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