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Monika Poshkaite How is Geula characterized? How do you explain her attraction to the nomad? (have you noticed her suppressed erotic passion? Have you seen some foreshadowing motifs which connect her to the world of the bedouins?) How do you interpret the end of the story? What is the function of the snake in the story (do you find any similarities between the snake and the nomad)? Geula ran into nomad on her walk, when she wanted to get some air. Their encounter was awkward in a way, that she was interrupting his prayer with questions and his answers were in Arabic, where she could not understand anything he was saying. When she got scared of him and ran home, she took a shower. She contemplated that the nomad tried to rape her. She went and told her story to the men at the meeting and her wish was to crush
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Unformatted text preview: the nomads. AT the meeting, one side of people said that they needed to teach nomad a lesson, and other said that nothing happened that warranted physical force. She wanted a nap so she laid down in broken glass, but when a poisonous snake bit her, she did not put much thought into it and thought that it was a piece of glass that cut her. She lost her consciousness and she started to regret her attitude towards the nomad, she started to wish to make peace with him. But during that time men from the meeting were already going to confront the nomad. This story does not have the laid out ending, it is left open-ended. One can assume that Geula dies because of her poisoning, but really we can only wonder what happened next....
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