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Unformatted text preview: the drama of woman lies in the conflict between the fundamental aspirations of every aspect, always regarding itself as the essential her main thesis is that woman patriarchially are forced into immanence( the passivity of a pure object) woman is traditional scheme finds herself despised by man, this privileges the male experience and looks down on woman there is undeniable differences between the sexes she suggests that women should realize herself through work, economic and social independce, she should be her own producer and in that way she would discover transcendence, but thi deal is unachievable for her alone. beauvor suggest for women to imagine a change in structures of education, training, reproduction, and a real liberation of sexuality. women should urge to find transformation of each through her and other body. in order to change the mentality of women, that change would have to be visible of men also woman;s situation has made her different deom man, which wrks for her advantage and sisadvantage. Beauvoir feels that women, are better able to retain a sense of humor, to maintain a certain distance between themselevs and the established hierarchies. also, they ten dto be kinder, tender , more generous, giving, understanding, compassuonary and altruistic. they posses more detachment, patience sense of concrte, and they do not take themselevs as serious as men do. cixious: language was forged by men, and it is an intrument of woman oppression. woman must select the tools, consepts, and values that men made available to them. one can experiences one's body as a thing and not be in love with it. woman never the choice to break free from her socialization altogether. ...
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