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Exercise #1 1. Using Figure 1.11 of your book (Figure 3.9 below), estimate the latitude and longitude (to the nearest 10°) for each of the following cities: New Orleans, Louisiana 30°N 90°W Latitude Longitude Portland, Oregon Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Capetown, South Africa 34°S 18°E Cairo, Egypt 31°E Newark, Delaware <ANSWER MUST BE WITHIN 10° OF VALUE ABOVE> 2. From Figure 3.9, we can see that the shortest distance to any given point – the Great Circle Route – does not follow the line of constant compass heading. If you flew from Portland, Oregon to Cairo, Egypt, what are several regions, islands, or nations over which the route would pass? Greenland, Norway, Central Europe, Nunavut Out of the way At what point in your travel would you be flying due east ( i.e. , parallel with a line of latitude)? Give this location in both latitude and longitude and over what region would you be? 75°N 45°W Central Greenland Latitude Longitude Region Figure 3.9 (Figure 1.11 in your book) is a Mercator projection
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