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Exercise 6 -- Answers

Exercise 6 -- Answers - Exercise#6 1 What is the Hadley...

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Unformatted text preview: Exercise #6 1. What is the Hadley Cell? Describe it and discuss why it exists. The Hadley Cell is a large circulation cell -- one in each hemisphere -- that exists between the Equator and 30°N and 30°S latitudes. It is characterized by rising air at the Equator and descending air at about 20-30° latitude. It exists because of heating at the Equator and the transfer of energy poleward. 2. Describe the local pressure differences and the subsequent winds that are induced in the absence of large-scale flow on the following diagram. Label the Sea Breeze and the Land Breeze. Sea Breeze Land Breeze Ocean Land High Pressure forms over Low Pressure forms over Flow is High Pressure forms over Low Pressure forms over Flow is Land Ocean Offshore Onshore 3. What is the Equatorial Counter-Current and why does it exist? It is the return flow of water along the Equator. It is a sub-surface current that allows water to return to the east from water forced to the west by the easterly trade winds. 4. If the Arctic Ocean was not ice-covered, what direction(s) would the current flow? Why? Clockwise. This is because the Polar region is dominated by the Polar High which circulates clockwise and the flow of the Polar Easterlies which causes the water to be stirred in a clockwise manner. 6-5 ...
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