Muscle Physiolgy - Muscle Physiolgy: - Proprioceptors:...

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Muscle Physiolgy: - Proprioceptors: sensory receptors which monitor length(GTO) and tension (spindle) - Located within joints, muscles, tendons - Subconscious 1. Muscle Spindle: STRETCH receptors, EXCITATORY excitatory response…monitors tension causing contraction causes extrafusal muscle fiber to fire increasing tension in muscle 2. GTO: INHIBATORY responds to load and relieves it override muscle spindle causing relaxation Muscle Hypertrophy and Resistance Training Hypertrophy: increase in cross sectional of muscle fiber (increase in AREA) Major mechanism for muscle enlargement Moderate/high intensity muscle contractions Moderate/heavy resistance training causes increase Resistance Training promotes: increase in protein synthesis. .contractile proteins…non contractile proteins and semifluid…cross sectional are of muscle Two types of Hypertrophy: 1. Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: increase in non contractile proteins and semi-fluid No increase in strength (decrease muscle density). .promoted by long, strenuous
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Muscle Physiolgy - Muscle Physiolgy: - Proprioceptors:...

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