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high school vs college - Benjamin McKinney High School vs...

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Benjamin McKinney High School vs. College There are many differences between high school and college. There are differences in the aspects of school, social life, and just overall life. High school seems like a dream compared to college at Georgia Tech. School is much harder here compared to high school. I did not have to study at all throughout the entirety of my high school career, and I still got very good grades. At Tech, school is much harder. The classes are conceptually harder plus there is more word. During high school I never had nearly as much work as I do now. It seemed like all of the work I did in high school was done while I was in class. Now, all the work is just posted on the internet, and sometimes the teacher does not even mention the assignment in class. Teachers in high school were constantly reminding students of upcoming assignments due and pushing students to do their best on them. College professors seem not to care if students fail or pass their class. It seems like between baseball and class I have no free time at all during the week. Baseball has become much more time consuming ever since college started; practice lasts
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high school vs college - Benjamin McKinney High School vs...

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