Bureaucracy - Bureaucracy and Bureaucrats The basic...

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Bureaucracy and Bureaucrats The basic characteristics that define the concept of bureaucracy are found in virtually all organizations, whether public or private, military or religious, for profit or nonprofit. Most organizations are bureaucracies, and most of their employees are bureaucrats. I. Why do bureaucracies exist and why are they needed? Bureaucracy is nothing more than a form of organization defined by certain attributes, including a division of labor, allocation of functions, allocation of responsibility, supervision, full-time employment, and worker careers within the organization. Bureaucracy literally means "rule by desks," in other words, a government by clerks. The goals of a bureaucracy are efficiency and productivity, which are gained through specialization and repetition of tasks. Bureaucracies are created in government to carry out a broad range of tasks, to provide necessary services, and to act as experts in particular areas of policy. Despite the general belief that the federal bureaucracy has grown too large and unresponsive, the size of the federal bureaucracy has remained stable over the past 25 years, and has actually declined when compared to the size of the civilian workforce or the increase in federal spending. II. What roles do government bureaucrats perform?
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Bureaucracy - Bureaucracy and Bureaucrats The basic...

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