AFC paper - WHO WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL? Part 1 Feature...

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Part 1 Feature 1048 words By Thomas Schrihart and Karna Upadhyay A Super Bowl nobody will forget. Super Bowl XXXIV was an epic battle between St. Louis and Tennessee. St. Louis had a 16-0 lead with 7:20 left in the third quarter. However, Tennessee made it a tie game, 16-6, after scoring back-to-back touchdowns and a field goal. With 2:12 in the fourth quarter, St. Louis’ quarter back Kirk Warner threw the deep ball to receiver Isaac Bruce, who burns the defense down the sideline to score a touchdown. Needing a touchdown to tie the game, Tennessee drove down the field to he Rams ten-yard line with only six seconds on the clock and no timeouts. Tennessee’s quarterback Steve Mcnair threw a slant to receiver Dyson, who caught the ball in stride on the three-yard line. Then, Safety Jones tackled Dyson on the one-yard line as time expired. So, St. Louis was victorious after a late comeback by Tennessee AFC East: With their newly revamped defense and their improving offense, the Bills were an easy pick as the best in the AFC East. Their defense has disgustingly good players. On the line there are the two big men, Sam Adams and Pat Williams, each a running back’s worst nightmare. Clements and Winfield are both capable cornerback’s and allow the Bills to have more freedom with their extremely talented linebackers Takeo Spikes. And for all of you who think I’ve gone completely crazy, no I haven’t forgotten. To make a good defense downright scary, the Bills have picked Lawyer Milloy from the
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AFC paper - WHO WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL? Part 1 Feature...

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